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The first level administrative division in Andorra is the Parish (Catalan: parròquia or parròquies). Andorra has a total of 7 parishes.Originally Andorra had only 6 Parishes. A seventh, Escaldes-Engordany, was added in 1978. Each Parish has its own administrative council responsible for local governance, public services, and cultural activities within its jurisdiction. Parishes in Andorra play a role in managing local infrastructure, public services, and cultural events. They also serve as electoral districts for the national parliament, with each parish electing a set number of representatives based on its population.

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List of All Parishes in Andorra

Map IndexParish NameISO CodePopulation (2021)
Andorra la VellaAD-0722873
La MassanaAD-0410750
Sant Julià de LòriaAD-069556
Source: Departament d'Estatdística, Andorra